About us

Starting in 2009, ASTER Premium set out on a path aimed at bringing unique experiences to coffee lovers in Europe.

Throughout time, human civilization has known three types of non-alcoholic beverages made from plant extracts: tea, coffee and cocoa. However, coffee beans are by far the most used worldwide, coffee becoming a human necessity. In addition to the physical and mental stimuli it offers, the nutrients it contains, coffee has become over time one of the pleasures of life, thanks to its aroma and the delight of enjoying it.

Our intention from the very beginning was to give coffee lovers and connoisseurs the opportunity to meet new types of coffee and now expanded this opportunity to the U.S. in 2023.


ASTER Premium has opened several cafes, bistros and restaurants, which mostly serve dishes based on these premium products and which enjoy great popularity and recognition for our quality and continuous attention to detail.

Because we wanted to offer our customers the opportunity to enjoy the experience of enjoying all these products at home, we launched the online store  where you can find these at exceptional prices:

  • Coffee beans
  • Ground coffee
  • Coffee capsules
  • Specialty coffee
  • Coffee accessories
  • Felicetti Original and Special Pasta
  • Felicetti Monograno pasta

Visit our home store in Europe at https://www.asterpremium.ro/en/

Prefer to purchase on Amazon? See our Amazon storefront here.

We are proud to be a veteran owned small business right here in the U.S.