• Caffe Costadoro

    Caffe Costadoro produces high-quality roasted coffee and is one of the most successful industrial companies in northern Italy today.

    Thanks to Costadoro's care and attention in coffee production, the company (founded in Turin in 1890) has attained a leading role in international markets. Today, the Costadoro brand is a firmly established reference point for spreading Italian coffee culture worldwide.

    Costadoro's innovative coffee production process adheres to a century-old tradition, marked by excellence in sourcing, roasting, and selection, coupled with the use of advanced technologies and constant scientific research.

    Costadoro Regular Coffee Beans

    Costadoro Regular is an intense and highly creamy blend, characterized by the full aroma of the finest Robusta coffees.

    Sensory Analysis of Coffee

    A blend with notes of pastry products and cocoa.


  • Brand: Costadoro

    Type: Beans

    Variety: Robusta

    Volume: 1 Kilogram / 2.2 Pounds