• Costadoro Coffee Lab

    Costadoro Coffee Lab quality is guaranteed by the 100% Arabica blend of excellence, born from the Costadoro experience. A balanced and harmonious coffee, ideal for the bar, sweet and delicate to the taste, but rich in aromas.

    The blend contained in the Costadoro Lab won four gold medals at the International Coffee Tasting in the 2018 – 2019 – 2020 editions – 2022, organized by the International Institute of Coffee Tasters (liac).

    The “Costadoro Coffee Lab” blend by Costadoro receives the maximum score of 5 Chameleons in the 2022 Italian Coffee Roasting Guide.

    The Costadoro Coffee Lab Blend is IEI – Italian Espresso Institute certified



    The perfect combination of the best high altitude Arabica varieties from Central and South America meets the complexity of African Arabica coffees. All coffee is washed and natural.



    Costadoro Coffee Lab is a sweet and delicate coffee, rich in aromas. It is characterized by a remarkable olfactory intensity, characterized by floral and fresh fruit aromas. A balanced and harmonious coffee, thanks to a slight acidity typical of citrus fruits, enriched with sweet notes of honey.

    It is very sweet and delicate on the palate, with citrus and floral notes, which tend to blend with the flavors of chocolate, hazelnut and honey.



    Why Costadoro Coffee Lab is the right choice?

    Over the years Caffe Costadoro realized that the weak link in the supply chain that starts from the raw coffee and leads to the espresso in the cup, is often the barista that is not properly trained and/or the equipment that is not maintained correct.

    The Costadoro Coffee Lab concept originates from the manufacturers desire to solve this problem by offering customers a high-quality product that, in order to maintain its high standards, must be subject to specific rules that must be strictly followed by the participants of this project.

  • Brand: Costadoro

    Type: Beans

    Variety: Arabica

    Volume: 1 Kilogram / 2.2 Pounds