• Caffe Costadoro Deciso

    A combination of different but complementary origins, Costadoro Deciso Coffee has a pronounced effect thanks to its compact texture, hazelnut-colored cream and aroma of herbs and spices.

    This blend produces a strong, full-bodied and creamy espresso. The presence of a high percentage of Robusta coffee makes it a blend with a decidedly Mediterranean taste.

    Costadoro Deciso Coffee is a classic Italian espresso bar. A blend of 70% Arabica beans from Guatemala, Honduras and Brazil and 30% Robusta beans from India. The taste is harsh, strong and spicy at first, then becomes full-bodied and aromatic. In addition, this coffee forms a fantastically thick cream.

    Caffe Costadoro 

    Caffe Costadoro produces high quality roasted coffee and is today one of the most successful industrial companies in northern Italy. 

    Caffe Costadoro’s innovative coffee production process respects a century-long tradition whose marks of distinction are in sourcing, roasting and selection combined with the use of advanced technologies and constant scientific research.

  • Brand: Costadoro

    Type: Beans

    Variety: Arabica and Robusta

    Volume: 1 Kilogram / 2.2 Pounds