• Costadoro Master Club Arabica: the pleasure of enjoying coffee like in Italy

    The joy of drinking minimalist coffee with a full-bodied taste, this is the experience offered by the Italian roasting company Caffe Costadoro, whose long-standing expertise can be felt in every sip of Caffe Costadoro Master Club Arabica. Only selected beans from Guatemala, Honduras, Costa Rica, Brazil and Ethiopia are used for this first class coffee. The beans are already roasted in their countries of origin so that the full flavor is preserved. Coordinated with each other, they reveal their pure and compelling notes in the Caffe Costadoro Master Club Arabica blend.


    Passion from Italy – Costadoro Master Club Arabica

    Thanks to its low caffeine content, Caffe Costadoro Master Club 100% Arabica is a mild coffee that you can enjoy at any time of the day. Refined flavors are a treat for the senses. With its excellent creaminess, Costadoro Master Club Arabica is a perfect choice for breakfast or after dinner. The delights of Turin, in northern Italy, are also suitable as a base for a coffee with milk.


    The perfect combination of the best high altitude Arabica varieties from Central and South America meets the complexity of African Arabica coffees.

    Caffe Costadoro Master is a 100% Arabica blend, composed of green coffees originating from Central American countries, Brazil and Africa. With this mixture you get an aromatic, light and delicate espresso. The complete lack of Robusta coffee makes it a blend that requires a lot of care and skill in using the machine and the coffee grinder.



    Costadoro Master has notes of dried fruitalmonds and spices such as pepper, its distinctive trait. A slight acidity of berries and green apple make its flavor unmistakable. Its cream is velvety on the palate and leaves the mouth fresh and clean.




  • Brand: Costadoro

    Type: Beans

    Variety: Arabica

    Volume: 1 Kilogram / 2.2 Pounds