• Pellini Decaffeinato Nespresso compatible coffee capsules offer a refined decaffeinated coffee experience designed to satisfy even the most discerning palate. Crafted with meticulous attention to quality and flavor, these capsules promise a rich and aromatic coffee experience without the jolt of caffeine.

    Pellini Top Decaffeinato capsules are compatible with Nespresso® machines.

    Through a natural decaffeination process using carbon dioxide, caffeine is selectively extracted from the coffee, retaining an intense and captivating aroma.

    The decaffeination process employed by Pellini preserves the intricate flavors and aromas of the coffee beans while removing the caffeine, allowing coffee enthusiasts to enjoy a satisfying cup of coffee without sacrificing taste or quality.

    With its Nespresso compatibility, Pellini Decaffeinato capsules offer convenience and consistency, allowing you to enjoy a perfect cup of decaffeinated coffee at the touch of a button.


    100% Arabica coffee sourced from precious origins, naturally washed from land plantations in Africa, Central, and South America.


    Roast level: medium

    Recommended serving: 25 ml

    Ideal for a 25 ml espresso, following authentic tradition, enhancing the coffee's character and aroma.

    Compostable packaging

    Compostable products are made from plant-based materials like sugar cane, potatoes, corn, etc., preserving the full aroma and taste of coffee.

  • Brand: Pellini

    Type: Pods

    Variety: Arabica