• Pellini Gran Aroma ground coffee

    100% Arabica beans from Central and South America
    Distinct aftertaste due to exceptionally large beans
    Wet processed espresso
    Carefully roasted per origin in the drum


    Pellini Gran Aroma is a new 100% Arabica composition, with carefully selected beans from Central and South America. Only premium beans are chosen for Gran Aroma, ensuring any breakage is resolved during cleaning. This also includes the selection of large beans, imparting a characteristic aromatic and full-bodied taste.


    Raw beans undergo a wet process pre-roasting to refine the aroma and highlight their characteristics. This brings out sensory hints of chocolate and honey when brewed as espresso. Following Pellini's classic style, the beans receive a light drum roast, individually tailored to each type. Post-roasting, individual varieties rest separately before being refined in this blend.

    Pellini's meticulous production process: slow roasting, varied per bean type for a noble array of full-bodied flavors.

    Notes of chocolate and honey

  • Brand: Pellini

    Type: Ground

    Variety: Arabica

    Volume: 500 Grams / 17.6 Ounces