Coffee Preparation Methods

Coffee Preparation Methods
Most people know about coffee that it has to be black, strong or long, with milk or cream. And after consuming it, they just say whether it was good or not and forget the taste instantly. Preparing coffee is not just a simple push of a button, it can be taken to the level of art. Depending on what you would like to drink, know that you can opt for one of the following ways of preparing coffee:

If you are a fan of strong and bitter essences, you will want an intense and aromatic espresso, which, depending on the machine with which it is extracted, can have an intense taste and aroma. The special feature of the espresso process is that the preparation process is very fast – under 30 seconds for a good extraction – and the coffee has 18% less caffeine than the extraction types. The caramel-colored cream that forms on top of the espresso often speaks of its quality.

cafea espresso

If you are not the minimalist type and you like clear liqueurs with a wide palette of floral, fruity, spicy, herbal aromas and different nuances, then we recommend you opt for a coffee extracted by chemex, a manual method that gives you a different taste experience

Chemex-metoda de extractie a cafelei

A versatile device, which by means of manual pressure can offer you highly concentrated or very mildly intense coffees, according to everyone's taste.

Aeropress - metoda de extractie a cafelei

A classic way of extracting coffee over fire, which results in a strong, intense, concentrated coffee that, through the refinement of the extraction, can become extremely tasty. Cold water is placed in the bottom compartment of the machine, and through the boiling process it rises through a central tube to pour over the coffee powder, then passes through the filter, reaches the top. This method, known as filtering, is very widespread, and the result is very close to espresso.

V 60

Or filter coffee is the simplest way to extract coffee, dedicated to those who love clear and authentic liquors.

V 60 - metoda de extractie a cafelei

As it is called in Turkey and the Arab world – it is an alternative preparation method, which is made in a copper or brass container, placed in hot sand or on a flame. It is slowly brought to the boiling point, without leaving it longer. In this way, an intense and full-bodied drink is obtained. .


For those who love the sweet taste of coffee, without the need for added sugar, cold-extracted coffee at 0 degrees is the correct and well-flavored answer.

Cafea la rece

It is one of the simplest ways to obtain excellent coffee at home, which has the advantage of being able to prepare a larger quantity, up to about 8 cups at once. Another advantage is that you can easily put the French press in any luggage and you can make a good coffee wherever you are. The perfect coffee recipe obtained by this method is found after several experiments and "playing" with the dosages.

French Press-metoda de extractie a cafelei

The Neapolitan coffee maker is the "ancestor" of the Mokka coffee maker, which appeared about 20 years before it, at the beginning of the century, obviously, in Naples. Initially, the container was made of fired clay, then it changed to copper and remains a symbol of the tradition of preparing a very strong coffee.


The device is a relatively recent invention and combines the dipping and draining methods. Depending on the amount of ground coffee used and the method of pouring hot water, you can choose the intensity and final amount of the drink. The coffee prepared at Clever is more consistent, and is between French Press and V60. He has no body, but he has a body.

Clever Dripper-metoda de extractie a cafelei

The most spectacular way to make coffee is the one called Syphon. It is a device consisting of two glass containers that can be threaded into each other and a heat source that heats everything up. Siphon is a method used for almost 200 years, which generates different flavors than an espresso, for example. So if you want a show at the table, whether you're at the cafe or at home, choose a Syphon. It's a brew method, gentler on the taste buds and in a quantity large enough to be enjoyed leisurely with pleasant stories.

Syphoon-metoda de extractie a cafelei

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