Arabica or Robusta? This is the Question

Arabica or Robusta? This is the Question

If you are reading these lines, you are most likely a fan of this miraculous drink that is coffee. So if you want to find out as much information as possible about coffee, you must know the difference between coffee beans. You may have noticed several times on coffee packaging inscriptions like: 100% Arabica, Robusta or blend. What is the meaning of each of these we explain to you right now.

The most popular and widespread variety of coffee is Arabic. Cultivated at altitudes of over 600 m, reaching 2000 m, Arabica is prized for its fine and refined taste and aromas. Originally from Africa, but cultivated mainly in Latin America, especially in Brazil and Colombia, but also in Southeast Asia, Indonesia or Papua New Guinea, Arabica represents about 70% of coffee production worldwide.
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Robusta it is as its name indicates, a more resistant species, it grows at low altitudes, it is not disturbed by temperature variations, it is much easier to cultivate, therefore, it also has much lower prices. Robusta has a higher caffeine content, has a strong, raw taste, without delicate notes and refined textures. For some coffee drinkers, this bitter taste is not very pleasant. Robusta is cultivated exclusively in the Eastern Hemisphere, especially in Africa, Indonesia, Vietnam.

Specialty or mono-origin coffee is 100% Arabica and is not mixed with varieties from other regions. In our store you will find a multitude of types of origin coffee, each of them with different characteristics, being roasted in a different way and having specific granulations. All these features directly affect the taste and aroma of the coffee you will enjoy, which will be unlike anything you have ever drunk before. You can choose coffees from all over the world: Ethiopia, Mexico, Brazil, Nicaragua, Colombia, Honduras, Indonesia:

In conclusion, Arabica gives a sweet taste to the coffee and reveals fine aromas and tastes, while Robusta is what gives the energy, i.e. the strength of a coffee. But if you want a bit of both, you will have to opt for a blend, that is, a mixture of the two, where the proportion and type of origin of the grains will play a significant role. Creating a good blend is an art, the aromas and taste are about more details. The right blend of beans can produce a balanced coffee with a complex aroma profile.
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Enter the varied universe of good quality coffees, enjoy them and then you will know if you become loyal to one type of coffee or if you want to enjoy all the delicious flavors and textures.

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