Costadoro – the expert in coffee production and roasting

Costadoro – the expert in coffee production and roasting

Each cup of Costadoro coffee has a story behind it: the selection of each coffee bean, the skill and dedication of the specialists for each phase of production, experience, research, innovation, enthusiasm and passion. These are the ingredients that create Costadoro flavors. Instantly recognizable, but always surprising.

Company story

Costadoro is a producer that has kept alive the passion for quality coffee since 1890. Today it is sold in more than 30 countries and has become one of the main contributors to European education for very good quality coffee. The company was founded in Turin and from the very beginning was very attentive to all the details of coffee production and roasting. In those days, there was a small number of experts in the production and trade of coffee beans, so the small business quickly became a reference place, in high demand for retailers as well. Over time, it has developed continuously, gaining a solid reputation in the world. Costadoro took its role as a leader in international markets seriously and continued to scientifically research, continuously innovate the production process, select and combine the best beans. All this because: "Our goal is to ensure that every cup of Costadoro coffee offers a unique, delightful and memorable experience", say the company's representatives. But behind it is a long process, starting with the selection of the best raw materials, followed by sophisticated roasting processes and culminating in the best equipment and barista training.
Currently, the Costadoro Group has several subsidiaries in England, Spain, Monaco and is distributed in dozens of countries around the world.

Costadoro technology

Costadoro carefully selects the raw material and buys the green coffee directly in the countries of origin, so as to offer their customers only the best beans. Each purchase is made following tastings attended by a committee of at least 5 people. Each bean is carefully selected and cleaned and then passed on to the roasting process.

Costadoro was the first company in Italy to use the optical sorter SORTEX Z + 1BL of roasted coffee, performing a real scan of all the beans: the defective ones are rejected, not only if they do not meet the color parameters, but also if they are not suitable in shape and size. This choice guarantees a quality level of absolute excellence.

Costadoro individually roasts each coffee origin, applying the precise times and temperatures required for each variety (18-20 minutes at 210° – 225°C), so as to obtain a uniform degree of roasting of each bean, for a taste and aroma as complete as possible. The technology used by Costadoro is the most innovative on the market, while maintaining tradition and care for the final product.

Product packaging

Costadoro has fully automated packaging lines and special compostable packaging with one-way degassing valves to remove the excess carbon dioxide present in the coffee and at the same time prevent the ingress of oxygen from the outside, which has an oxidizing effect on the coffee. All this guarantees that the products and features are perfectly preserved. The new Costadoro warehouse for finished products has large openings in the ceiling to ensure necessary natural ventilation and also has overhead lighting to help save energy and protect the environment.

Costadoro Academy

In the Costadoro Coffee Lab Academy, Costadoro experts, nicknamed "masters of coffee culture", train dozens of baristas daily. This coffee culture that the company creates, develops, and transmits, not only to find the perfect product, but also to train baristas, true coffee professionals.
All the work and efforts of the company to produce coffee in a memorable way, made Costadoro a "Made in Italy" spokesperson for the product that perhaps best represents Italians - coffee.

Specialty coffee

Costadoro specialty coffee comes exclusively from approved plantations, grown at high altitudes and with superior international classifications. It is 100% Arabica and is not mixed with varieties from other regions. The Specialty Coffee Association, the international forum that provides quality scores for specialty coffees, has rated some of Costadoro's coffees with scores of over 80, proving that they are truly special. Costadoro offers the chance to enjoy specialty coffees from the best plantations in the world: Ethiopia, Mexico, Brazil, Nicaragua, Colombia, Honduras, Indonesia. Each of these leave their mark directly on the taste and aroma of the coffee you will enjoy, which will be unlike anything you have ever drunk before.

Costadoro in the U.S.

Study all Costadoro coffee varieties and enjoy the experience of enjoying unique and unforgettable coffees here

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