How to Store Coffee

How to Store Coffee

The promise of a fresh coffee, preserving the familiar, desired aroma from one cup to another and from one package to another is both a desire for enthusiasts, but also a topic of study for researchers and specialists. It is no coincidence, therefore, that the correct methods of preserving coffee, whether it is beans or ground, have been defined, so that its qualities remain unaltered from the moment the package is opened, until the last cup.

Unfortunately, once the package is unsealed, the intense coffee flavor tends to dissipate, but there are preservation methods that significantly delay this process.

Thus, the best way to store coffee, beans or ground, is in a shady corner of the pantry, in an opaque box, preferably metal, hermetically sealed, away from heat or moisture.

Specialists insist that glass containers or other transparent options should be avoided, even if the aesthetic reasons for this choice are obvious. Of course, a jar with coffee beans on a shelf in plain sight is an original decoration element and pleasing to the eye, but maybe it's not worth the "sacrifice". Light favors the breakdown of essential oils, which means tasteless coffee and maybe even a missed morning.

In the fridge or at room temperature?

Specialists have settled the dispute between the partisans of keeping coffee at room temperature and those who believe it should be kept in the refrigerator, in favor of the former.

The arguments are that keeping ground coffee cold, which is used every day, causes temperature fluctuations, which generates moisture in the container. After several repetitions of the cold-hot cycle with the inevitable intake of moisture in the container, the coffee in the cup will acquire an unpleasant taste of... cardboard. The cause is also the degradation of the essential oil of the coffee, which gives the aroma and rich taste.

There are also situations in which it is recommended to keep the coffee cold: if you have bought a larger quantity, freezing the sealed packages before use prolongs the freshness of the product. However, once a package has been opened, it is preferable to consume the coffee within two weeks at most.

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